Yangquan, Shanxi: "Doing three levels" to deepen "two learning and one" learning education normalization institutionalization

Yangquan, Shanxi: "Doing three levels" to deepen "two learning and one" learning education normalization institutionalization

In the promotion of "two learning and one" learning education normalification system, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province adheres to the problem-oriented, adheres to full coverage, normalization, innovation, practical effect, and strive to "lead cadres, party members, grassroots branches" Three levels, in the foundation, the best style, the increase in the power, and further condense the powerful energy of the officer entrepreneurship, and achieved remarkable results.

Seize the "key minority", leading cadres robs "learning".

Under the ultraday rate of the Municipal Party Committee, take the lead in learning, take the lead, take the lead in research, take the lead in organizing life with ordinary party members, take the lead as the branch, contact the party members, the party class, take the lead to promote normal institutionalization. In the central government, major deployments and General Secretary Xi Jinping issued a key node of the important speech. The Standing Committee’s first time organized a centralized study, leading the city’s major party members to set off the tide of learning series.

Party Committees (Party Group) at all levels, in the form of theoretical central group, the grassroots party branch is in the form of all party members, earnestly studying General Secretary inspected the spirit of the important speech, the important speech, the spirit of the 18th Plenary Session, etc., and effectively Fundamental political tasks, transforming into practical actions.

Grasp the grassroots branch, the theme party, "over".

Fully implement the "Three Female" working methods, through the establishment of "three lists", standard "four rosters", improve "five accounts", implement "six systems", so that each party branch "three will be Class, organizational life meeting, democratic appraisal party members, talk about talk, talk about party classes, and the theme party day system implementation is more effective. The city held the "96th Anniversary of Commemorating the Party," The 19th National Congress of the Party ", and the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee led the city’s 700 party members leading cadres collectively returned to the party vows, expressing unforgettable, and continued to move forward. The Municipal Party Committee invited 88 years old, participated in the old warriors of anti-US aid, silently fighting the old work of the grassroots, the 75-year-old public security system, the old party members, etc. .

The grassroots party organizations at all levels shall conduct a flexible way of reporting, speech, knowledge, and essay competitions, carry out different forms of theme party day activities, education to guide the majority of party members to strengthen party spirit and enhance their consciousness. Grab the party membership team, party members’ role struggle to "dry". In-depth development of 6326 grassroots party organizations in the city, the "4 + N" Party Member Pioneer series activities such as volunteer service, micro-frequency exhibition broadcast, and essay competition, play a pioneering model, and guide party members. Comprehensive implementation of "party members, Daihui, Commitment" action, more than 70,000 in-service party members in the city, in the university, safety and stability, key projects, first "bright identity, calculation rate", promote the main melody, stimulate positive energy, and improve party members "Identity", inspire the "honor" of party members, enhance party members’ "responsibility", and guide party members in any position, anywhere, in any situation, keep in mind the identity of party members, fully demonstrate party organizations at all levels of the city And party members practice the spiritual style of learning education and theme education, full of confidence, and meet the party’s 19th National Victory. (Yang Group Xuan) (Editor: Huang Wei, Qinhua).