Transportation construction drives to extract the poverty education and training to improve endose motivation

Transportation construction drives to extract the poverty education and training to improve endose motivation

Railway as an important transportation infrastructure assumes important tasks in poverty alleviation.

Wang Shchchi said that after the completion of new Chengkun Railway, China’s China, China, China, from Chengdu to Kunming shorten from 19 hours to 6 hours, this railway passes through Sichuan Daliang Mountain area, rich water energy, mineral, agricultural and sideline products along the Sichuan, Tourism resources, etc. will be better utilization, driving local economic and social development.

"People along this railway will take a richest lane," said Wang Shi.

China China Railway also donated 50 million yuan to Zhan Baode County, Shanxi Province, China, was built in China. This road was officially opened in November 2018, and the central government in the county is greatly improved. There are more than 25,000 travel conditions along the four towns and 47 administrative villages along the line, solve the problem of foreign goods from the resource agricultural and sideline products. It has improved the income of residents and improved the income of residents and increased the construction of agricultural products. On the education and poverty alleviation, China’s China Iron’s education poverty alleviation is a completely stable and gap, exploring a full process coverage model from pre-school education, primary and secondary education, professional skills training, helping children go out of the mountains and enter the campus. In terms of pre-school education, China Railway helps the national poverty-stricken county Yunde County to carry out easy poverty alleviation and relocation, and donate 86 million yuan to build Hize County Yiyi Poverty Alleviation County County county city resettlement point three kindergartens, solve the learning problem before school kindergarten. In terms of primary and secondary education, China Railway has long launched a "small migrant bird" action, inviting children of migrant workers to see Mom and Dad in the construction site, and organize poverty-stricken areas to the Tiananmenmen and other places to carry out dream activities.

In China, Iron Association, Hunan Guidong County, Hunan Guidong County, using Internet + thinking, built a rural dream classroom integrated with free reading, handmade painting, dance music, and remote mutual assistance teaching, country dream classroom first remote The classroom took the children to visited the Wuhan Bridge Museum. At the same time, China Railway actively promotes the construction of middle school schools. Only 43 schools in the construction of China ‘s China Railway construction design, involving 22 counties in four states.

In terms of professional skills training, China Railway adheres to a skill in hand, employment, and has been in combination with the opportunity of Xinjian, Hunan Yucheng County, investing 63 million yuan, helping to build China’s China Railway precision poverty alleviation skills training base, annual It can receive 300 students from the establishment of a poverty family.

At the same time, I also jointly launched a skill training project with the Yucheng County Vocational Education Center. At present, 103 issues have been carried out, and more than 6,000 people have been carried out.