Two Jiangxin District Tianfu New District work together to promote tax collection and management services

Two Jiangxin District Tianfu New District work together to promote tax collection and management services

The tax-related business of over 200 items, and tax-related services such as invoices can be handled at the service station.

Guo Weiyu Wen People’s Network Chongqing On October 14th, the party secretary of the Taxation Bureau of Tianfu New District, Chengdu, and Director Wanmei went to the two river New District Taxation Bureau to investigate and exchange, and the two sides jointly unveiled the "Tax Volunteer Service Station" of the two rivers. A consensus is reached on the list of tax collection and service integration development cooperation.

  Optimizing volunteer service accurate assistance Small and micro enterprises "Tax Volunteer Service Station" is the tax law of Chongqing two Jiangxian District, the tax law promotion base and the law education base, with volunteers such as party members, youth members, tax law, etc., Provide services for tax policy advocacy, corporate legal affairs consultation, tax-related business handling.

  It is reported that the cloud space is used as the public sharing service platform, and there is currently 5,308 companies from the country to settle in, including the highest proportion of Sichuan companies, reached.

  "The service station is located in the blossom space, which can be set in a timely and thoughtful taxation service to the start-ups, and can strengthen the Tax interaction of Sichuan, which provides practical and effective services.

"Liu Min, director of Dazhu Forest Tax Office, Dujiang New District Taxation Bureau, the daily operation of the service station is mainly responsible. In the tax excellent volunteer service station, it is equipped with a self-tax taxation machine and the on behalf of the development ticket. According to the on-site volunteer introduction More than 200 daily tax-related services such as invoices and invoices can be processed. In the taxpayer’s school district, taxpayers pass regularly, on-site answers, etc., combined with hot policies to interpret video and network classes. The company conducts policy preaching. At the same time, for the company’s tax-related consultation, the service station sets the tax service special window, and the volunteers "one-on-one" Q & A. Online means, the two rivers New District Taxation Bureau also established a public office lawyer’s duty system, through service The two-dimensional code displayed by the station screen, the taxpayer can contact the duty lawyer, tax policy, laws and regulations related questions can be given professional solutions.

  According to reports, at present, it is actively preparing for the Gafford space line in Chengdu Tianfu New District, and will also build "Tax Volunteer Service Station" and achieve more high quality tax service resources in both places.