Ultra-high-speed low vacuum pipe magnetic floating traffic system full-size test line (Phase I) Project Promotion Work Leading Group Conference Held

Ultra-high-speed low vacuum pipe magnetic floating traffic system full-size test line (Phase I) Project Promotion Work Leading Group Conference Held

  Original title: Ultra-high-speed low vacuum pipeline magnetic floating traffic system full-size test line (Phase I) Project Promotion Work Leading Group Conference held Blue Frangan Yuan Jie attended and speaking on September 29, ultra-high-speed low vacuum pipe magnetic float traffic system full size test The line (Phase I) project promotion work leading group meeting was held in Taiyuan.

Provincial Committee deputy secretary, governor, Blue Fandan, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Party Secretary, Chairman Yuan Jie attended and speaking.

Vice Governor hosted by Yingjie. Ultra-high-speed low vacuum pipe magnetic floating transportation system (ie "high speed speed") is a future subversion technology in the field of rail transit.

May 24th High-speed Speed ??Full Size Test Line (Phase I) The project has attached great importance to the provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to it, strong security, joint construction units to jointly build, collaborate, promote the construction of engineering construction .

  Blue Fanda pointed out that high-speed flying is the major scientific and technological strategic project that is deployed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is a major innovation that can trigger production and lifestyle, which helps strengthen national strategic scientific and technological power. It has a major development of our province. significance. All relevant units at all levels should deepen the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of the important speech in Shanxi, and effectively put the high-speed speeding project as a landmark project that implements the national major strategy, helps transition, and vigorously promotes the project construction and research and development test. Blue Buddha is emphasized that it is necessary to organize construction, relevant departments to build a special class, actively on-site service, solve the difficulties encountered by the project, and fully strengthen the feature guarantee. Respect for science, respect law, respect the experts, scientific planning schedule. Organize specialized construction teams, strict control progress, quality off and safety, ensure engineering quality, and resolutely prevent safety production accidents.

To strengthen the scientific and technological research, surround the system’s overall architecture, infrastructure design construction, key equipment R & D, manufacturing, operation maintenance, etc. Shanxi Province laboratory construction, strive to break through a number of key core technologies to form a group of magnetic floats and technological achievements, build a first-class technology innovation platform and talent training base. Continuously promote the transformation of results, gradually cultivate the complete innovative ecological and industrial ecology from independent research and development, scale to standardized services, and help our province’s high quality development. To strengthen organizational leadership, clarify responsibilities, refinement measures, work together, high standards high quality and high efficiency promotion project construction, and strive to build CCS cooperation benchmark projects.

  Yuan Jie pointed out that the test line project has attached great importance to the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government since May 24, and the project has made great progress in the project, scientific research, infrastructure, etc..

In order to accelerate the promotion of follow-up, ensure the completion of the target task, all the participants should improve the political station, fully understand the significance of the ultra-high-speed low vacuum pipe magnetic transportation system; to persist in system concepts, give full play to "two total" system advantages, adhering "Yan Shen’s thin" style, ensuring the smooth implementation of the mission; to strengthen organizational coordination, establish a scientific decision-making mechanism, efficient coordination mechanism, complete supervision and inspection mechanism, quality and quantity to complete the target task, help Shanxi Province high-quality development, In order to build a strong country, a new contribution is made.

  At the meeting, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Space Science and Technology of the University of Northern China, and the Datong City reported the project propulsion. (Reporter Zhang Jufeng).